Bogus Taxi

| Taxi Fake | Sex in The Taxi with Driver Compilation part 2 Taxi Leaks: Bogus taxi driver attacked girl, 20 – Bogus taxi driver attacked girl, 20 A man who pretended to be a taxi driver has been jailed for four years for sexually assaulting a girl in Hemel Hempstead. Mashain Pitchei, 45, of Rosebery Way, Tring, was sentenced at St Albans Crown Court after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing.

Bogus Taxi – Kuala Lumpur Forum – TripAdvisor – I wasn't sure if a man dressed in white was the guy organising the taxi Q. Was approached by another taxi man who claimed that he is premier cab and starts at $4 while budget/ordinary cab starts at $3. He also said he uses the meter. My trip from MidValley to Prima 16 in section 16 costed me MYR$50 as shown my meter. It is less than 8km in distance plus a moving traffic jam. It was about 8pm.

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BBC Inside Out – Bogus taxis – Inside Out exposes the dangers of illegal taxis prowling our city centres and the woman who found a rapist was driving her home.